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Every day, dozens of hockey sticks are broken during college, minor league, and professional games. These sticks, which would otherwise be headed straight to landfills, are instead sent to Original Stix to serve a new purpose. After noticing a lack of phone case options available for hockey fans, Original Stix was founded in Detroit, Michigan in 2013. At Original Stix, we believe that phone cases should be more than generic, mass-produced pieces of plastic - they should be authentic. After teaming up with some of Detroit's most talented automotive engineers, we set out to design our first case for the iPhone 5/5s, which will be available in early 2014.

Featuring superior craftsmanship, authentic materials, and meticulous attention to detail, Original Stix lets fans and players take a one of-a-kind piece of the game with them everywhere.  We start by precision-cutting each stick to precise specifications, then assemble each case by hand before testing them for quality and durability standards.